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Need to assess the value of your property?

Trust our experienced team for a professional evaluation of your property.

Home Assessment

Single family, Duplex, Multifamily, Condo, Heritage, Cottage, project to build, etc.

Business Assessment

Office building, Income property, Dealership, Daycare, etc.

Insurable value

Single-family, Multi-family and Condo. Also for syndicates of co-ownership.

Member of the Ordre des évaluateurs agréés du Québec

What is the value of your property?

Our expertise allows us to formulate an objective and motivated opinion on the value of your property or right.

Professional service

Detailed reports

Fast service

Certified evaluation


Services available throughout the Outaouais, Montreal, Eastern townships & surrounding areas.

For all types of buildings: Single-family Duplex Multi-family Co-ownership Patrimonial Chalet Commercial

JAPAQ - Certified Appraiser

Why do a professional assessment?

A chartered appraiser is retained because his or her opinion is reasoned, reliable and unbiased, making him or her a valuable real estate expert and advisor..

Real estate investors

Take advantage of our team's expertise to make informed decisions.

Mortgage Financing

We are recognized by all financial institutions in the region.

Buy / Sell

To support you in your decisions and negotiations when selling or buying a property.

Rental value

Learn how to maximize the profitability of your residential or commercial rental properties.


The best way to protect your investment is to ensure that it covers the cost of replacement in the event of a loss.


Capital gain, Taxation, Litigation, etc. Our team is here to help you make the best decisions.

Our team of professionals will meet your needs.

Tips and tricks

Explanation of valuation methods

Comparison method This method estimates the market value of the subject property based on observations of similar properties that have recently sold and are located

Évaluateur agréé

What is a certified appraiser?

A chartered appraiser is a professional whose job is to formulate an objective opinion on the value of a property or a real estate right