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Insurable value

A unique expertise in real estate valuation

Assessment services in Outaouais, Montreal, Eastern Townships & surrounding areas.

With a unique expertise in real estate appraisal for condominiums, rental buildings or any other residential building, our team has the necessary knowledge to give you a fair and accurate evaluation of the insurable value of your property.

The insurable value is essentially a safeguard to ensure that your property is adequately covered by your insurance policy in case of total or partial loss. It serves as the basis for calculating the compensation to which you are entitled.

This value is often based on the cost of reproduction, replacement or reconstruction of the insured property as defined in the fire insurance policy.

It is important to have a trusted professional evaluate the fair insurable value of your property to have peace of mind and avoid any unpleasant surprises in the event of a claim.

All syndicates of co-owners know this by now: they are required to have an evaluation of the building for which they are responsible every 5 years.

Law 1073

The syndicate has an insurable interest in the entire building, including the private portions. He shall maintain insurance, with a reasonable deductible, against the usual risks covering the entire building, excluding improvements made by a co-owner to his part when they can be identified from the description of that part. The amount of insurance taken out must provide for the reconstruction of the building in accordance with the standards, practices and rules of the art applicable at the time; this amount must be evaluated at least every five years by a member of a professional order designated by government regulation.

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