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Explanation of valuation methods

Comparison method This method estimates the market value of the subject property based on observations of similar properties that have recently sold and are located in the same or similar area as the subject property. This method is considered to be direct evidence par excellence, as the data comes from the market and reflects its […]

A short glossary to help you understand the terms used in your evaluation.


OPTIMAL USE The best and most profitable use is the one that, at the time of the valuation, gives the building the highest value either in money or in pleasure and/or convenience of a place. The best use meets the following conditions: a possible use on the physical level; must be permitted by the regulations […]

What is a certified appraiser?

Évaluateur agréé

A chartered appraiser is a professional whose job is to formulate an objective opinion on the value of a property or a real estate right at a given date. Prejudices, personal interests and preferences are not part of his professional approach. To arrive at a realistic judgment of a property’s value, the chartered appraiser uses […]